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A Shelter Story: Integrating Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) Into Emergency Shelter Plans

The learner's goal in this course is to master the knowledge and skills needed to collaborate with community stakeholders on integrating Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) into local emergency shelter plans.

This one-hour video-based course consists of five sections with estimated viewing times as follows:

  1. Getting Started (5 minutes)
  2. The Hot-Wash Sessions (20 minutes)
  3. >The Demographics of Disaster (15 minutes)
  4. An Open...
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Community Planning to Improve the Quality of Life

Row of brick-front suburb neighborhood houses in nice weather

The University of Iowa College of Public Health's Institute for Public Health Practice, in cooperation with the Iowa Association of Local Public Health Agencies (I-ALPHA), has developed a series of practiced-based educational programs targeted toward new public health administrators and nursing administrators. The programs are part of the Institute's continuing effort to provide training to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the current public health workforce.


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Building and Maintaining a Collaborative Culture

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medecine

Contact: Brandi Bordelon
Phone: (504) 988-1342

Collaboration is essential to public health professionals in order to carry out their daily job duties successfully and enhance the health outcomes of the population which they serve.  This course covers why collaboration is important, how to build
a collaborative culture, and barriers to effective collaboration. 


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