Domain 11: Administration & Management

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Learning Objectives for Domain 11: Administration & Management

Objective 1
Describe how health departments develop and maintain an operational infrastructure to support the performance of public health functions

Objective 2
Explain how health departments establish effective financial management systems


Core Competencies

Policy Development/Program Planning Skills
2A12, 2B13, 2C14

Financial Planning and Management Skills
7A1, 7A2, 7A3, 7A4, 7A5, 7A6, 7A7, 7A8, 7A9, 7A10, 7A11, 7A12, 7A13, 7A14
7B1, 7B2, 7B3, 7B4, 7B5, 7B6, 7B7, 7B8, 7B9, 7B10, 7B11, 7B12, 7B13, 7B14, 7B15, 7B16
7C1, 7C2, 7C3, 7C4, 7C5, 7C6, 7C7, 7C8, 7C9, 7C10, 7C11, 7C12, 7C13, 7C14, 7C15, 7C16