Emergency Operations Coordination: Resources

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Building a Continuity of Operations Plan Tip Sheet
This Ready Tip sheet developed by the Advanced Practice Centers includes advice on Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Health Services and 10 Tips for Local Health Departments to Simplify the COOP Process.
Public Health Mutual Aid Agreements 
The Cambridge Advanced Practice Center for Emergency Preparedness has developed materials to assist local health departments in creating public health mutual aid agreements. These materials have been used to develop and implement a public health mutual aid agreement in a 27-community region in Massachusetts. The materials include 5 PDF documents that can help local health departments begin the process of creating jurisdiction appropriate mutual aid agreements: Public Health Mutual Aid Agreement: A Template Explanation of a Public Health Mutual Aid Agreement Scenarios for Use of a Public Health Mutual Aid Agreement Frequently Asked Questions: Public Health Mutual Aid A Public Health Mutual Aid Agreement: White Paper