Fatality Management

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Capability 5: Fatality Management

Definition: Fatality management is the ability to coordinate with other organizations (e.g., law enforcement, healthcare, 
emergency management, and medical examiner/coroner) to ensure the proper recovery, handling, identification, transportation, 
tracking, storage, and disposal of human remains and personal effects; certify cause of death; and facilitate access to mental/
behavioral health services to the family members, responders, and survivors of an incident.
Functions and Associated Performance Measures: This capability consists of the ability to perform the functions listed below. 
At present there are no CDC-defined performance measures for these functions.
Function 1: Determine role for public health in fatality management
Function 2: Activate public health fatality management operations
Function 3: Assist in the collection and dissemination of antemortem data
Function 4: Participate in survivor mental/behavioral health services
Function 5: Participate in fatality processing and storage operations