Be Personally Prepared for Emergencies: What Can You Do

Category: Emergency Preparedness Plans

This webcast originally occurred live on: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 and is now presented in archived format. 

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Program Goal Bret Voorhees, chief of the Communications and Technology Bureau in the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division, will discuss emergency management at the state level and how individuals can prepare for emergencies. 

Learning Objectives


  • Learn the four phases of emergency management 
  • Understand steps taken at the state level to support local responders 
  • Learn how Iowans can prepare for emergencies 



For the past eight years, Bret Voorhees has been a member of the management team for the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division. In his current role as bureau chief for Communications and Technology, he leads a team of public relations and IT specialists who support the other parts of the division. His previous experience includes seven years in news, over ten years as the communications coordinator for the Iowa Lottery, and three years as the marketing director for Iowa Workforce Development. His education background includes an M.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications and an M.B. A., both from Iowa State University. He has an undergraduate degree from The University of Iowa.