Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents - Part I

Category: Bioterrorism: Preparedness

Goal/Intended Audience

This course is designed to prepare representatives of state and local emergency response and public health agencies to perform safely and effectively during an incident involving biological agents.

Course Content

This course has been divided into the three parts, each consisting of three modules. Module topics are outlined below.

Part I:

  • Module 1: A Background for Bioterrorism
  • Module 2: Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Module 3: Biological Agents, Effects, and Treatments

Part II:

  • Module 4: Basic Principles in the Use of Biological Agents
  • Module 5: Managing Biological Incidents
  • Module 6: Immediate Actions and Decontamination

Part III:

  • Module 7: Response to Bioterrorism
  • Module 8: Response to Public Health Emergencies
  • Module 9: Perspectives on the Future of Terrorism

This session covers modules 1 through 3.

These modules contain practice exercises that will provide you with an opportunity to apply and better understand the material presented.