IS-702.a - National Incident Management System (NIMS) Public Information Systems

Course Summary

1. Title: IS-702.a - National Incident Management System (NIMS) Public Information Systems

2. Keywords/Themes: Agency, Area Command, Badging, Base, Branch, Cache, Chain of Command, Complex, Cooperating Agency, Credentialing, Delegation, Department Operations Center (DOC), Emergency, Emergency Management, Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Evacuation, Hazard, Incident Action Plan (IAP), Incident Command System (ICS), Information Management, Interoperability, Joint Information Center (JIC), Mobilization Guide, Multiagency Coordination (MAC), Multijurisdictional Incident, National Incident Management System (NIMS), National Response Framework (NRF), Nongovernmental Organization (NGO), Personal Accountability, Preparedness Organizations, Public Information Officer (PIO), Resource Management, Safety Officer, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Unified Approach, Volunteer

3. Course Description:

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) provides a consistent nationwide template to enable all government, private-sector, and nongovernmental organizations to work together during domestic incidents. This includes public information. The public information systems described in NIMS are designed to effectively manage public information at an incident, regardless of the size and complexity of the situation or the number of entities involved in the response. Note: IS-702.a is an updated version of the IS-702 course. If you have successfully completed IS-702, you may want to review the new version of the course. For credentialing purposes, the courses are equivalent.

4. Intended Audience:  Local and State public information officers

5. Learning Objectives:

The goal of this course is to facilitate NIMS compliance by providing you with the basic information and tools that you need to apply NIMS public information systems and protocols during incident management. At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:


Define NIMS public information systems to include onsite operations, the Joint Information System (JIS), and the Joint Information Center (JIC), and how they relate to each other.


Describe the JIS/JIC process of gathering, verifying, coordinating, and disseminating information by public information and incident management personnel.


Identify each agency involved in given emergency situations and the role of each in the JIS to ensure appropriate situational awareness information is communicated to the public.


Define key terms related to public information systems to include the relationship with multiagency coordination systems and the field. Identify typical resource requirements for public information systems. 

6. Pre-requisites/Learning Level: None

7. Competencies addressed:

8. CEUs Offered: 0.3

9. Cost: Free

10. Modality/format: Online Self-Pace

11. Length: 3 hours

12. Presenter(s) and/or Content Experts: National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), U.S. Department of Agriculture, United State Fire Administration’s National Fire Programs Branch

13. Technical requirements:

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