Emergency Preparedness for Families of First Responders

Goal/Intended Audience:

The goal of this program is to provide the information and tools necessary to enable first responders to prepare their families for an emergency event.

This program is intended for first responders and their family members. (Family members do not need to take the online course, but are encouraged to participate in the printed activities once the course is completed).

Capabilities identified:

  • Capability 1: Community Preparedness
    • Function 1: Determine risks to the health of the jurisdiction
    • Function 2: Build community partnerships to support health preparedness

This program covers the competency statement:

4.1: Maintain personal/family emergency preparedness plans and covers the following KSAs statements:

  1. Describe essential elements of a personal/family emergency preparedness plan. (K)
  2. Create a standard household inventory list to maintain personal/family's ability to function during an emergency. (S)
  3. Assess your family’s special needs during an emergency. (S)
  4. Create a family emergency plan to include resources, supplies, and contacts(S)
  5. Create a checklist of family basic needs, special needs, and life-saving medications or assistive devices for household members with sensory and/or functional/ developmental disabilities. (S)
  6. Categorize the known or potential emergencies
  7. Assemble an in-house family emergency supplies and go-kit. (S)


This program is made up of the following modules:

  1. Module 1:  Assemble Kits
  2. Module 2:  Make Plans
  3. Module 3:  Guide Responses

They are also available as separate courses in the Course Catalog