Foundational Public Health Nursing Training Program


About This Program:

The "Foundational Public Health Nursing Training Program" was designed to address key knowledge, skills, and abilities public health nursing coordinators/supervisors must apply to demonstrate the core public health nursing competencies and to deliver the essential public health services at a local level. This program meets the educational requirements stated in the definition of a "Public Health Coordinator/Supervisor," in the Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 80 on Local Public Health Services.

Program Content:

There are five courses in this program:




Course 1: Knowledge of Public Health

Christopher Atchison

1 hour

Course 2: Strategic Planning

Janan Wunsch-Smith

1 hour

Course 3: Basic Epidemiology


2 hours

Course 4: Public Health Law

Denise Hill

1 hour

Course 5: Program Evaluation

Kellee Thorburn McCrory

1 hour

In each course participants will: (a) review the content provided; and (b) complete and submit the Post-test. Participants will also complete the practice activities/exercises provided in each course. These practice exercises provide an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills presented in these modules and to better understand the material.

Program Certificate

A program certificate of completion is awarded on successful completion of the above five courses.