New Public Health Administrators Program

This series of 14 courses is intended to benefit new public health administrators.

  • Public Health Law
  • Risk Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Basic Epidemiology
  • Community Planning to Improve Quality of Life
  • Contracts
  • Critical Thinking
  • Financial Management
  • Finding & Evaluating Health Info on the Internet
  • Grant Writing
  • Human Resources
  • Knowledge of Public Health
  • Marketing
  • Overall Aspects of Managing an Agency

Courses address topics including general agency management, grant writing, contracts, critical thinking, human resources, general public health knowledge, etc.
Enroll in the curriculum, and then work through the courses in any order. There is a quiz at the end of each course.
*Please note that all of the courses that make up this Curriculum are also available individually in the Course Catalog for enrollment. Once all courses are complete, you will receive a certificate from the Program area of your Transcript