Putting the Pieces Together: Leveraging Your Organization's Assets for Performance Improvement

The Colloquium will provide a forum to discuss contemporary strategies and tools for performance improvement opportunities (existing and new); improve management, leadership and human resource development; and improve collaborative community relationships. Linkages between performance improvement and other public health initiatives and their relationship to Public Health Standards will be highlighted.  


By the end of the program, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize ways your local public health agency is already working to meet public health standards
  • Identify performance improvement opportunities for your agency
  • Discuss key strategies used to prepare for a Public Health Accreditation Board site visit
  • Access resources and tools designed to assist with meeting the public health standards


Target Audience

  • Public health practitioners, including preceptors
  • Governmental and non-governmental public health agencies/organizations
  • Academic and community partners



1:00     Welcome & Iowa Public Health Heroes Award (video)

Dean Sue Curry, PhD                                 Tanya Uden-Holman, PhD

Dean, UI College of Public Health           Associate Director, Institute for Public Health Practice


1:35     An Introduction and History to Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards (video)

An Introduction and History Leading to the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards (Dr. Ronald Eckoff) (powerpoint)

Dr. Ronald Eckoff, MD, MPH

Public Health Advisory Council

Iowa Public Health Gaining Ground Coalition

Dallas County Board of Health


1:40     Session I: A Pathway to Public Health Standards: An Example From Local Public Health (video)

A Pathway to Public Health Standards: An Example From Local Public Health (James Hodina) (powerpoint)

James D. Hodina, MS, QEP 

Manager, Environmental Public Health

Linn County Public Health


2:30     Session II: Performance Management You’re Closer Than You Think (video)

Oneida County Health Dept Performance Management (Linda Conlon) (powerpoint)

Linda Conlon, RN, BAN, MPH

Director/Health Officer

Oneida County, WI Health Department


3:25     Session III: Demystifying the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Site Visit Experience (video)

Site Visitor Insights – What is Important to See to Make Sure the Pieces make a Complete PHAB Picture (Mary L. Kushion) (powerpoint)

Mary L. Kushion, MSA

Retired Health Officer

Central Michigan District Health Department


4:10     Closing comments: Next Steps and Resources to Continue Work for Performance Improvement (video)

Next Steps and Resources to continue work for Performance Improvement (Joy Harris) (powerpoint)

Poll (powerpoint)

Joy Harris, MPH                                                     Tricia L. Kitzmann, MPH

Modernization Coordinator                                    Deputy Director

Iowa Department of Public Health                         Johnson County Public Health

Sponsored by

  • Institute for Public Health Practice

    Iowa Counties Public Health Association

    Iowa Department of Public Health

    Iowa Public Health Association

    University of Iowa College of Public Health

    Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center

    In Collaboration with the University of Iowa College of Nursing


Colloquium Materials


9 Things Every Health Department Should Know About Public Health Department Accreditation (pdf)

Do's & Don'ts for Preparing Documentation (pdf)

GUIDE to National Accreditation (pdf)

Public Health Accreditation Board Standards: An Overview (pdf)


National Public Health Performance Standards (NPHPS) (website)

Turning Point: Performance Management Project and Publications (website)

Public Health Accreditation Board (prezi)

NACCHO (prezi)