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Pandemic Influenza: Protecting Iowa First Responders

Pandemic Influenza: Protecting Iowa's First Responders

This course consists of five 15-minute presentations featuring the topics listed below. A Pre-Test and a Post-Test, to be completed by all participants, have been included to assess the effectiveness of the program.

  1. Avian Influenza and Historical Pandemic Events
  2. Self-Protective Measures
  3. Public Health Approaches to Disease and Illness Prevention
  4. Isolation and Quarantine
  5. Psychological Impact of Pandemics

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IS 520 - Continuity of Operations for Pandemic Influenzas

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This course introduces students to the characteristics of a pandemic influenza, the effects that a pandemic influenza can have on every facet of our society, and the steps their organizations can take to minimize the effects of a pandemic.

Course Objectives:

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