Information Sharing: Resources

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HSEEP Template for Discussion of Capability 6: Information Sharing
A template for assessing the sharing of information among stakeholders in an exercise involving Public Health Preparedness and Hospital Preparedness.
CDC’s Public Health Information Network is CDC's primary online communication channel. Annually, there are close to 500 million page views to the site, averaging 41 million page views per month.
Public Health Mutual Aid Agreements
This FAQ document, from Cambridge Advanced Practice Center and revised by the San Francisco Bay Area Advanced Practice Center, explains public health mutual aid agreements and scenarios for their use.
Mutual Aid Agreement Template
A template for drafting mutual aid agreements from the Cambridge Advanced Practice Center.
The Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System Board (ISICSB)
ISICSB develops, implements, and oversees policy, operations and fiscal components of communication interoperability efforts at the state and local level. The board hosts a series of 1-day workshops to expand its program.