Managerial Communications

Course Summary

1. Title: Managerial Communications

2. Keywords/Themes:

Course Description:

completion of this course, the user will be able to demonstrate written and
oral communication skills that are needed as a leader in a health department
by:  identifying communication skills, listing effective presentation
skills, and distinguishing different writing techniques.

Intended Audience:

5. Learning Objectives:

  • Module
    1:  Effective Interpersonal Communication - Distinguish the
    fundamental elements of message, explain the message model, identify
    tangible and intangible barriers, distinguish the levels of listening,
    describe the guides to good listening, and explain the key points of basic
    interpersonal communication
  • Module
    2:  Presentation Skills - Identify the objectives of a good
    presentation, Distinguish physical, mechanical, and paralinguistic aspects
    of a presentation, identify ways to open a presentation, explain three
    things audiences respond to most, create a checklist of presentation
    skills, identify correct ways of presenting visual aids, identify ways to
    close presentations, and list ways to answer questions during and after a
  • Module
    3:  Good Writing Techniques - Differentiate among the states of
    writing, identify the proper use of transitions when writing, demonstrate
    appropriate use of descriptive adjectives, and demonstrate correct
    document formatting

Pre-requisites/Learning Level: None

7. Competencies addressed:

Communication 1.2, 1.3 and 1.10.  Communicate
effectively both in writing and orally with level appropriate for content and
audience.  Utilize effective communication to facilitate team
development.  Deliver organized and effective presentations or messages
for diverse audiences and various purposes.

8. CEUs Offered: N/A

9. Cost: Free

10. Modality/format: Online Self-Pace

11. Length: 3 hours

12. Presenter(s) and/or Content

13. Technical requirements:

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  • Flash Player 
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